Relax from your Real Estate Problem

Relax from your Real Estate Problem

Count on attorney Skipworth for real estate law assistance in El Paso, TX

If you need help dealing with your mortgage lender or transferring a title or challenging the condemnation of your property, you can hire a trusted real estate lawyer to fight for satisfactory results. Robert A. Skipworth, Attorney at Law in El Paso, TX can help you use the law to your advantage. He’ll talk with you to gather the details of your case and focus on getting you the best outcome in your real estate legal matters.

Attorney Skipworth is willing to work with you to develop a payment plan for his services. If you hire him, your consultation fee will be worked into the payment plan. Reach out to attorney Skipworth today for the prompt, professional attention your case deserves.

Rely on attorney Skipworth for expert legal guidance

Attorney Skipworth has the real estate law experience necessary to advise you in matters involving:

  • Transfer of titles
  • Involvement of banks
  • Eminent domain
  • Construction litigation
  • Ad valorem taxes
  • Easement, boundary, encroachment and adverse possession disputes
  • Lease disputes

Consult with attorney Skipworth to learn why El Paso residents repeatedly rely on his counsel. Contact him at 915-533-0096 today.